Clinton Degage!

Protestors took to the streets of Tunis today carrying banners calling for the USA to stop interfering in Tunisia’s affairs. Slogans such as “Clinton Degage”, “USA = Corrupt” and “USA out” were carried high, as were empty tear gas cannisters, made in Jamestown Pennsylvania, USA. These were gas cannisters used during the revolution by forces loyal to Ben Ali against the protestors who eventually suceeded in toppling his oppressive regime.

One of the core interests of our delegation is to investigate and report on interventions and intereference by western governments who supported the Ben Ali regime, including the US and the EU. We have gathered a range of evidence from sources on both a grass roots and government level about western involvement with the regime, which will be the subject of our report. We understand that the regime used the international “war on terror” agenda to repress political opposition and that western governments both knew and encouraged this to take place in order to further their own objectives and sought to extract information from Tunisian nationals subjected to torture both in Tunisia and in Guantanamo Bay.


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