Fathi Mohammed Adid –Those who tortured me should ask for forgiveness

I am 43 years old. I was arrested March 8 1995. I was sentenced to 21 years in prison. I spent 10 years and 8 months in prison after which I was given conditional release.

I was an active student at university, I was the spokesperson for the Islamic contingent at university and I was known for that activity. When the campaign against islamists started, I knew that I would be wanted so I went into hiding. I was in hiding from 1991 and the first judgment issued against me was in 1993. I was charged with organising secret political meetings for Nahada meetings.

I was arrested in Ganard before I finished my secondary studies and they took me to a police station called the information section near the interior ministry. I was there for 10 days. I was tortured. I was hung like a chicken on a spit with my legs and arms bound onto a stick and the stick was then hung between two chairs or desks. I was beaten up until the blood poured from my fingers.

I was convicted in absentia. Once convicted I was moved to a prison. I was constantly moved from prison to prison so that my family could not visit me regularly. In prison there were 120 people in one big cell, in one there was 300 people. In a room this size there would be between 60-85 people and 1 toilet. You cannot exercise at all in prison, you can walk but you mostly have to stand. At one stage I was put in isolation for 3 ½ months because we had been told not to pray together as a group.

I became ill in prison, I became sick I got head problems, Now I can not read, write or concentrate and after almost 10 years in that situation. They beat me to my head and the doctor has told me that I have depression. I want to carry on studying but this problem will prevent me from studying. There is nothing that can compensate for what has happened.

After I was released I was supposed to be subject to conditions for 15 years. I had to sign onto police station every day, three times a day, I couldn’t go anywhere outside the area. Someone I know from prison hung themselves because of this regime. These conditions stopped when the revolution came.

I am not calling for revenge. What I personally want is if anyone who has tortured me goes public and admits that he has tortured me and ask for me forgiveness.

(From: http://tunisiahumanrights.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/fathi-mohammed-adid-%e2%80%93those-who-tortured-me-should-ask-for-forgiveness/)


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